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Every song ought to have an incredible music video to go with it. If you study great music videos, you will find that they fall under (at least one) of the categories outlined here. 

Here are three general music video ideas you can utilize. 

1. Dance 

Music and dance are connected at the hip. Dance doesn't work without music, and the most regular reaction to music is to dance. In this way, a decent idea for a music video is basically to have amazing dance show that coordinates with the beat, musicality, and heart of the melody. Utilizing extraordinary cosmetics, ensembles, and effects will additionally add to the quality of the video, however at the center of this type of music video is the choreography or in the case of a stock footage music video , the skill of the editor to coordinate the timings and moves. 

Michael Jackson is probably the most well known artist to combine dance and acting with pectacular effect. does a great job of combining dancing and acting in his music videos. A great example of a vieo which combines dance, acting and story can be found in 'The way you make me feel' The choreography matches perfectly with the song, and it does not overshadow the music, either.

2. Special visualizations 

Utilizing the assistance of special visualizations is another great method to make engaging music videos. More often than not, especially for EDM and electronic tracks, lip-syncing before a camera with a lot of extravagant lights is exhausting for watchers. In this way, utilizing enhanced visualizations either as a green screen behind the individual in the video or over his/her face will give the eye more candy. Change the efects and lighting alongside the beats of the melody and you're onto a winner. 

3. Story 

Another approach to orchestrate a music video is to tell a story. Your music video can have scenes, much like a montage or short film, that recount a story dependent on the verses or generally speaking idea of the song. Many music videos utilize this strategy, portraying, for instance, emotions. 

Stories that make a view feel happy, sad or angry often make them more memorable and also more likely to be talked about and shared.



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